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Long story short

Pharma4ever ApS was founded in 2014. With more than 30 years combined experience within the fields of research and development, production equipment design, strategic sourcing and project management in the pharmaceutical, biotech, life science and medical device industries, Bo and Per constitute a unique knowledge capacity that provides well-known pharmaceutical companies with expert consultancy services.

After only one year, Pharma4ever ApS had grown to 10 employees and was in 2015 transformed into an A/S.

Through 2016 Pharma4ever expanded its customer base significantly and is now the preferred partner in the pharmaceutical, biotech and medical device industry. We have during the last couple of years conducted a wide range of successful projects for companies such as Biogen, Widex, Novo Nordisk, Poul Johansen Maskiner and Bavarian Nordic.

Since all Pharma4ever consultants possess a strong theoretical foundation as well as several years of hands-on experience within relevant industries, it goes without saying that quality is a prerequisite in everything we do.

Being engineers by education,
execute by heart and mind,
and serve the pharmaceutical, biotechnology and medical device industry in Denmark,
and their sites outside the country,
is what Pharma4ever is about.

Meeting the expectations is the one and only goal of our work. We believe this is the main reason why the vast majority of our evaluated projects have received maximum grade from our customers. Pharma4ever is and will forever be committed to assisting pharmaceutical, biotech and medical device companies in conducting their business and bringing medicine and medical devices to the market.

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Working at Pharma4ever

We believe that outstanding customer satisfaction depends purely on great employees.

We are a dynamic and innovative company knowing by heart that great employees are recognized for their contribution, given the opportunity to grow, and at the same time exciting colleagues that add to the team through their unique skills and great personality.

If you are an experienced professional that look for exciting opportunities and would like to belong to an innovative company that recognizes this, then please don’t hesitate to contact us for an informal talk.

Bo Hejgaard Pedersen

Co-founder / Managing Partner

Søren Lyngsø-Petersen

Managing Partner

Palle Jørgin

Senior Consultant

Frederik Winther Andersen

Junior Consultant

Klaus Pedersen

Senior Consultant

Diana Amein Ahmad

Junior Consultant

Julie Kryger Toftdal Sørensen

Junior Consultant

Per Rønsholt Andresen

Co-founder / Managing Partner

Klaus Kildebæk Rasmussen

Senior Consultant

Simon Bjørn Larsen

Senior Consultant

Louis Lund Nielsen

Junior Consultant

Sarah Søgaard-Hansen

Junior Consultant

Mads Christian Sabra

Senior Consultant

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